WatchesNReplica - Is a sorry excuse for a company

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Not resolved is a sorry excuse for a company.

When a company like does nothing but lie to their costumers. They need to be taken down. does not even provide a phone number to call them.

All does is provide is an email address. Which no one ever answers back. I know when i place a place i like to speak with someone to answer any questions i might have. Like i said is a sorry excuse for a company. One day hopefully soon they will be shut down.

Theresa Wynnefield. NY

WatchesNReplica - When will they be shut down

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Not resolved when will they be shut down.

I would like to have shut down. All they do is tell you what you wanna hear. is a lot of people who don't know what they are talking about.

On the website it says that there will be a green rolex sticker on the back along with model number and logo. also says there will the serial number on the last link of watch. All untrue.

At least they can do is be honest about there merchandise. Do not lie or no one will ever order.

Janice Schiderman, NY



Can you type "" again please?

Cmon. It's *** CALLED WATCHES N REPLICA. Of course they are liars. Are you oblivious or something?


WatchesNReplica - Ripped me off

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Not resolved ripped me off

When I ordered a Replica Rolex watch from A man named john called me back. I spoke with him and he told me that the band had screws not pins in the band.

When i received my order from I opened the box and tried on my watch. It was to big. So I called back I told them the problem. John told me to take the watch to a jeweler's. They can take out a few links.

So i did. The jeweler's had to use a hammer to get the pin's out. Not screws like had said. I do not like to be lied to. Just tell the truth.

Rebecca Washington, Missouri

WatchesNReplica - Took my money

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Not resolved took my money

I believe i said enough in the headline. did send me a watch just not what i had ordered. And it is not like gives a phone number to call them.

I have emailed more than a few times. And still no one has gotten back to me. They done even provide an address to send them any letters. needs to be shut down or start doing the right thing. Whichever comes first. I can not stand a company that does not look out for their costumers.

Justin Cataliano, MS

WatchesNReplica - What a ripoff

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Not resolved what a rip off

First of all, How can a company like be in business and not have an address or a phone number to give their expecting costumers. Alot of other company's excepts C.O.D.s. only excepts visa and mastercard.

When i received my replica rolex watch from it was not even wrapped in plastic. All it was in was a box with the name on it.

I lost my money ordering from this company. All i want is to warn other people before they make the same mistake that i did.

Renee Carr, Philly

WatchesNReplica - Are Frauds

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Not resolved are the biggest frauds

I oredered a replica rolex watch from almost three months ago. I got my watch and after two weeks of wearing the watch the so called solid stainless steel wore off.

I paid almost $200 for a watch that is nothing but ***. I emailed several unanswered emails. I can not call them because has no phone number.

All i want to do is to let other people know about Be careful when ordering from this company. Or you will get nothing in return.

Linda Johnson, LA

WatchesNReplica - Are Rip offs

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Not resolved are rip offs.

I ordered a replica rolex watch from I paid $149 plus shipping and handling. I placed the order with over a month ago. I still have not received my order.

I do not even think they have any intentions of sending me my watch. are nothing but crooks. They are only out to get all the money they can get.

If you look at the website there is no phone number provided. Only way of getting a hold of them is by email. I have sent them several unanswered emails. I wish they would be shut down.

Lewis Jacobs, Maine

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